There are a number of challenges that Lesotho is facing but of particular concern for Sello-Mafatle Attorneys is food security crisis and high unemployment rate. As Sello-Mafatle Attorneys we are happy to assist Basotho in eradicating this two challenges and efforts are made yearly towards this goal.

In 2014 when the firm celebrated its 10 year anniversary it organized a mass wherein offerings were collected and used to build keyhole gardens for vulnerable families in the village of Ha foso.

In 2014, the firm introduced SEMIM programme which is an initiative aimed at ensuring that graduates appreciate that they are a brand and that they need to find their niche in the work force.

In 2014, the firm convinced a number of companies to place law graduates in departments which were not legal with the aim of introducing them to the dynamics and or versatility of the law degree. The firm believes that it offers more than legal service because it appreciates the environment within which the law operates, it for this reason that the firm wanted to breed a generation of law lawyers that literally applies law everywhere for the benefit of its clients.

The initiative was a success as some of the interns ultimately got employment.